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Berklee India Exchange

Interview Series Logo.

Berklee India Exchange hosts a live interview series with artists primarily from or in the Indian music and arts industry.

In this live interview series, Berklee India Exchange (BIX) explores the careers and lives of various Indian artists and musicians, diving into what it is they do and how they’ve managed to carve out a niche for themselves. Additionally, we’re obviously going to have some fun with random trivia, games and a live Q&A with YOU, our audience, in the true BIXie fashion.

The logo was meant to convey the easy nature of the interview, in how it's meant to be light and fun, even as serious topics may be dismantled. My original design included a hand-drawn adapted version of the Berklee logo on the tea cup. For some platforms, including the Berklee website itself, we utilize the version below, replacing the logo with a music note.

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